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A safety division of MATRIX GROUP, is an advanced safety equipment provider based in Qatar committed to providing our clientele with a wide assortment of specialized clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment.

Our products have essential features that protect employees from serious workplace injuries or illnesses resulting from contact with chemical, radiological, electrical, mechanical, physical or other workplace hazards.

Our core products include self-contained breathing apparatus, safety goggles, industrial vests, protective gloves, head protection products, coveralls, fire and rescue helmets along with a wide range of other safety equipment. Promoting a positive attitude towards safety, we strive to ensure outstanding quality and a safer tomorrow.

  • Put It On!

    From head to toe, make sure you have the right protection for the job.


    Safety glasses and goggles provide protection from debris, dust and chemicals. Goggles and glasses can be made with prescription lenses or designed to be worn over prescription glasses.


    Gloves protect hands and fingers from cuts, heat, abrasions and chemicals. It’s impossible for a glove to remain 100% impervious to chemicals forever. Pay attention to the condition of gloves before donning them. Latex gloves or powders inside of gloves can cause reactions in some employees.

  • HEAD

    Hard hats provide protection from impacts and in some cases, electrical shock. Never put stickers on your hard hat or leave it in the heat or back window of your car. Both of these actions can compromise the integrity of the materials.

  • EARS

    Ear plugs or muffs provide protection from hearing loss. 85 decibels is the loudest environment you can regularly work in without hearing protection. A room full of people talking or a running dishwasher emits 85 decibels.


    Work boots or shoes provide protection from falling or rolling objects or from penetration. High-ankle work boots/shoes provide protection from rolled ankles that result in strains and sprains.