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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides a high quality range of coveralls for work. Available in a wide range of different styles and sizes, these coveralls can be comfortably worn over your uniform or work clothes when working. Made from quality and durable materials, these styles help protect your clothes from potential stains and damages. Coveralls are effective against oil, grease, dirt and other substances. One sign of a professional business is to have a smart and unified uniform.

Coveralls are the best choice when you need protective clothing over your usual work-wear or uniform. Our range is made from high quality materials meaning they will last longer than other alternatives. They can become an integrated part of your employee’s uniform. Jaguar coveralls are available in small, medium, large, Xlarge, 2Xlarge, 3Xlarge, 4Xlarge& 5Xlarge and available in different colours.


Jaguar range of Safety Vests are an essential item to have in your PPE. Hi-vis vests offer life-saving visibility and allow you to be seen in all situations.

The Hi-vis vest is a very important piece of clothing to be worn as part of your PPE work-wear. These type of vests play an extremely important role in ensuring that workers are visible, especially in areas which may include built up traffic.

Hi-vis vests are very popular with people who work on the road side, railway and within construction sites. They come in a range of bright colours which ensures they are clearly visible throughout the day and the hi-vis strips makes sure they are visible when working in the night/dark.