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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides essential ear defenders for employees who work in noisy work environments. Workplaces that have high levels of noise pollution, like loud machinery and metal drilling, can cause harmful long-term damage like deafness and other ear problems. Defenders and ear plugs are effective at protecting employee’s hearing. These ear defenders are suitable for medium duty industrial use and outside work. They are an important part of a workplace uniform.

These defenders are made from high quality materials making them effective permanent accessories to have available at work. Our earplugs are easily disposable and environment friendly. They are effective at reducing the impact of harmful noise. With the selection of defenders and ear plugs, you can choose the best equipment for your team. If your team requires ear protection while working with heavy machinery or when working from significant heights, it is recommended they wear defenders as they can be comfortably fitted around your head and does not need re-adjustment.

These work-wear accessories are a crucial part of an employee’s equipment for work. As they are made from quality materials, they are more comfortable to wear over a longer duration compared to other alternatives. If you have any questions about our ear protection accessories, please contact our team.

Our ear defenders are available in standard and deluxe styles. The deluxe style has a softer and wider cushion foam making it more comfortable to be worn over longer periods of time. They can also be worn like normal headphones or lowered so that they can be worn around the back of the head. Earplugs are available in boxes of 100/200 pairs. All styles of defenders and plugs are a ‘One Size Fits All’.