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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides Safety headwear also known as hard hats or helmets which are an essential piece of PPE when working within places where falling objects cause a potential risk. Hard hats or Helmets should be worn constantly when working on a building site or anywhere where this risk could happen. Helmets are designed to withstand one major impact which will protect your head from injury.

Helmets are a very important piece of equipment that could potentially save your life and should be worn at all times when instructed to do so. Helmets prevents you from receiving any head injuries caused by falling objects from above which usually happens within building and construction sites

Helmets come in a range of colours and are affordable to replace, which you should do so immediately after your original has taken a impact from an object.

Helmets are also designed to reduce electrical shock therefore need to be worn when exposed to electricity that may come in contact with your head. The Helmet comes in one size which you can adjust manually to allow the helmet to fit snugly upon your head.

The Helmet needs to be placed firmly and tightly to your head to ensure you are protected from any hazards within the construction or building site.