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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides a high quality range of coveralls for work. Available in a wide range of different styles and sizes, these coveralls can be comfortably worn over your uniform or work clothes when working. Made from quality and durable materials, these styles help protect your clothes from potential stains and damages. Coveralls are effective against oil, grease, dirt and other substances. One sign of a professional business is to have a smart and unified uniform.

Coveralls are the best choice when you need protective clothing over your usual work-wear or uniform. Our range is made from high quality materials meaning they will last longer than other alternatives. They can become an integrated part of your employee’s uniform. Jaguar coveralls are available in small, medium, large, Xlarge, 2Xlarge, 3Xlarge, 4Xlarge& 5Xlarge and available in different colours.


Jaguar range of Safety Vests are an essential item to have in your PPE. Hi-vis vests offer life-saving visibility and allow you to be seen in all situations.

The Hi-vis vest is a very important piece of clothing to be worn as part of your PPE work-wear. These type of vests play an extremely important role in ensuring that workers are visible, especially in areas which may include built up traffic.

Hi-vis vests are very popular with people who work on the road side, railway and within construction sites. They come in a range of bright colours which ensures they are clearly visible throughout the day and the hi-vis strips makes sure they are visible when working in the night/dark.

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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides high quality brand of professional work shoes. Our choice of specialised footwear has essential safety features to improve your staff’s safety and significantly reduce the chance of accidents. Employees require work shoes they can depend on and that support them when they’re on their feet all day.

When employees are working in hazardous work environments, they need appropriate safety footwear that will protect them effectively. Especially if hazards include, working around heavy equipment and walking on slippery floors. Your staff need to be equipped with specialised safety shoes.

Safety shoes are designed to support and protect employees at work. The supportive insoles keep employees supported when they’re on their feet for long periods of time. Slip-resistant grip, safety toe caps, oil resistant outsoles, anti-static and energy absorbentheels, are just some of the specific features available.

Made from durable and high quality materials, these shoes are designed to last longer compared to other alternatives and are easy to clean and maintain as well.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide the correct shoes for your work team to protect them from any potentially harmful hazards at work. Our safety footwear meets safety standards EN ISO 20345 which means they are fitted with toe caps, protect feet from impacts of more than 200J and compressed loads of 15 kilo newtons. These shoes are used in a wide segment of industries: construction, factories, manufacturing, metal-works, delivery, agriculture, electrical and others.

We have many UK (and EURO) sizes available to meet the needs of your team and organisation.

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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides Safety headwear also known as hard hats or helmets which are an essential piece of PPE when working within places where falling objects cause a potential risk. Hard hats or Helmets should be worn constantly when working on a building site or anywhere where this risk could happen. Helmets are designed to withstand one major impact which will protect your head from injury.

Helmets are a very important piece of equipment that could potentially save your life and should be worn at all times when instructed to do so. Helmet prevents you from receiving any head injuries caused by falling objects from above which usually happens within building and construction sites

Helmets come in a range of colours and are affordable to replace, which you should do so immediately after your original has taken a impact from an object.

Helmets are also designed to reduce electrical shock therefore need to be worn when exposed to electricity that may come in contact with your head. The Helmet comes in one size which you can adjust manually to allow the helmet to fit snugly upon your head.

The Helmet needs to be placed firmly and tightly to your head to ensure you are protected from any hazards within the construction or building site.

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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides a wide selection of eye protection goggles and glasses. In some work conditions it is essential for employees to wear (and have access to) goggles to protect their eyes when working. These high quality safety accessories protects eyes from flying particles (like glass, wood, plastic, metal, etc.) and they meet EN166.1.B safety standards. Our variety of goggles and glasses means you can choose which is best for your employees

Safety goggles offer reliable eye protection when working closely with potentially harmful materials, dust or debris. Our lightweight shield glasses also offer the same protection along with the same range of peripheral vision you can get from a normal pair of glasses. Both goggles and glasses can be adjusted to fix comfortably around your head so that you can work easily without having to readjust them. Especially if you’re climbing or operating heavy machinery.

Our eye protective glasses are available in different colours and styles. UV protection helps employees when working outside or with reflective metals. We choose high quality brands so that your team can wear comfortable and reliable eyewear. If your work team has to wear eye protection for most of their shift, it’s important you can find eyewear that is comfortable to wear over a long period of time and will not compromise their vision. It’s vital to keep a ready supply as well, since scratched lenses can have detrimental effects on your eyesight.

Eye protection is an essential part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and is required to be worn by employees in certain work conditions. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure your staff have the correct equipment available when they’re at work.

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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides a wide range of work-wear gloves for employees. Made from high quality fabrics and materials, these gloves provide effective protection at work. They are a crucial part of an employee’s uniform and an essential part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We offer a great selection of work gloves so you can find the equipment that best protects your team. Welder’s gauntlets are essential for welding and working with hot temperatures. PVC gauntlets are effective protection against harmful liquids. Rigger gloves protect hands when doing hard labour and working with hard and heavy materials. Grip gloves offer extra grip when holding and carrying equipment and tools. We offer a wide choice of gloves to help you find the best type for the needs of your employees.

Our workplace gloves are used to improve protection at work. When handling dangerous equipment, work gloves protect your hands and fingers from injury.

For employees who work and carry heavy materials and equipment, specialised gloves can help defend their hands from harmful compressions and sharp cuts.

Employees in industries such as: manufacturing, construction and metal-works are required to wear specialised work gloves. If your employees are required to wear PPE then it is your responsibility to find and provide them the best safety equipment.

We have a variety of different glove style available in order to meet the needs of many industries from PVC Dotted, Welder Gauntlets, Nitrile, Latex and more. Some of our work-wear gloves are ‘One Size Fits All’.

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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides protection from fine dusts, fibres and aqueous mists with easy to use disposable dust masks. Comfortable and distraction free protection against something which can stop any task short in an instant.

Breathe easy during (and after) work with our disposable yet reliable dust masks.

Why is disposable a good thing? Well, when it comes to dust masks, you can be certain that your dust mask is ready to use and fit to protect you to the best of its ability. You can also be assured that it won’t be contaminated from use by another person who may have a bug or other illness which can be easily transferred. They are also lightweight and practical to use, offering no distractions or impeding of vision.

Simple dust masks like these can be adjusted quickly and easily, so that they sit comfortably and - more importantly - safely on any wearer. If work done, generates lot of fine dust and debris, such as sanding floorboards or other surfaces in a confined space; then one of these simple dust masks make things a whole lot easier. Different types of masks are suitable for different types of work, so if you are unfamiliar with which option you need for your work get in touch with our team who will be happy to advise.

Standard non-valve masks come in packs of 20/40 so please be aware of this when choosing the quantity you need. Meanwhile, valved dust masks come in multiple packs of three/five/ten masks, so be sure to avoid over-ordering and being left with unused masks. The multi pack boxes offer excellent value for money and ensures there is always a fresh dust mask available in stock to whoever should need one.

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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides essential ear defenders for employees who work in noisy work environments. Workplaces that have high levels of noise pollution, like loud machinery and metal drilling, can cause harmful long-term damage like deafness and other ear problems. Defenders and ear plugs are effective at protecting employee’s hearing. These ear defenders are suitable for medium duty industrial use and outside work. They are an important part of a workplace uniform.

These defenders are made from high quality materials making them effective permanent accessories to have available at work. Our earplugs are easily disposable and environment friendly. They are effective at reducing the impact of harmful noise. With the selection of defenders and ear plugs, you can choose the best equipment for your team. If your team requires ear protection while working with heavy machinery or when working from significant heights, it is recommended they wear defenders as they can be comfortably fitted around your head and does not need re-adjustment.

These work-wear accessories are a crucial part of an employee’s equipment for work. As they are made from quality materials, they are more comfortable to wear over a longer duration compared to other alternatives. If you have any questions about our ear protection accessories, please contact our team.

Our ear defenders are available in standard and deluxe styles. The deluxe style has a softer and wider cushion foam making it more comfortable to be worn over longer periods of time. They can also be worn like normal headphones or lowered so that they can be worn around the back of the head. Earplugs are available in boxes of 100/200 pairs. All styles of defenders and plugs are a ‘One Size Fits All’.

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