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Jaguar Trading (A Safety Division of MATRIX GROUP) provides protection from fine dusts, fibres and aqueous mists with easy to use disposable dust masks. Comfortable and distraction free protection against something which can stop any task short in an instant.

Breathe easy during (and after) work with our disposable yet reliable dust masks.

Why is disposable a good thing? Well, when it comes to dust masks, you can be certain that your dust mask is ready to use and fit to protect you to the best of its ability. You can also be assured that it won’t be contaminated from use by another person who may have a bug or other illness which can be easily transferred. They are also lightweight and practical to use, offering no distractions or impeding of vision.

Simple dust masks like these can be adjusted quickly and easily, so that they sit comfortably and - more importantly - safely on any wearer. If work done, generates lot of fine dust and debris, such as sanding floorboards or other surfaces in a confined space; then one of these simple dust masks make things a whole lot easier. Different types of masks are suitable for different types of work, so if you are unfamiliar with which option you need for your work get in touch with our team who will be happy to advise.

Standard non-valve masks come in packs of 20/40 so please be aware of this when choosing the quantity you need. Meanwhile, valved dust masks come in multiple packs of three/five/ten masks, so be sure to avoid over-ordering and being left with unused masks. The multi pack boxes offer excellent value for money and ensures there is always a fresh dust mask available in stock to whoever should need one.